rethinking investor marketing

the investor landscape has changed

An emerging wave of investors has entered the playing field. With access to sophisticated online tools and a wealth of information at their fingertips, proactive strategies and tactics are needed to get their attention.

it’s time for a different approach

thinkHERO is a digital marketing company dedicated to building investor awareness. We fuse innovative storytelling, marketing savvy, and new technology to drive results. We’re capital market experts embracing the digital world.

think storytelling

What’s in the DNA of your investment case? We’ll work with you using creative insights and analytic rigour to bring out the essence that makes your business unique and craft a bulletproof story that resonates with investors.

think amplification

Analyzing industry trends and data to build effective content strategies helps turn your story into an engagement-driving campaign. From your website to social media to influencer outreach, we don’t just deliver your message – we make sure it gets heard.

think impact

Posts, tweets, likes, shares – they’re all crucial for momentum. But even more important are results. We’ll develop the right mix of marketing from hi-tech digital to time-tested face-to-face meetings, so your business is ready for its next big thing.


Everyone deserves to market like a hero.
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our expertise

Strategic Design

Blending strategic thinking and tactical expertise, our creative directors are your multi-disciplinary creative partners. We specialize in providing a complete spectrum of visual curating and creative services, ensuring every touch point is thoughtful, memorable, and impactful.

Content Creation

The best companies and brands have become ef- fective storytellers, competing for the hearts and minds of investors. We create multimedia content to attract and engage audiences and use the con- text of investor behavior to create personalized experiences.

Email Strategy

We possess a deep understanding of the inves- tor personas and the investment decision-making process. We segment and manage investor lists, develop personalized content and run automated workflow email campaigns.

Social Media

It’s more than sharing your content and building reach. Social media is an essential channel for increasing awareness, generating leads, and con- necting with investors. We identify the most rel- evant social networks and allocate resources to engage.

Website Design

We convert your site into a lead-generation and multimedia content publishing tool. By using click-through landing pages we capture valuable data on your visitors and their online behaviour. Visitors are turned into leads ready to be nurtured.

Access to Investors

We’re connected to a network of investors and our ongoing contact means we know their return objectives and preferences. To supplement your digital efforts, we arrange meetings and events with accredited investors, retail brokers, equity analysts and portfolio managers.

our clients

HEROstocks curates trending news and information to let people know what should be on their radar when it comes to investing. It’s shareable, it’s social, and it can put your company in the spotlight, giving you another opportunity to reach investors where they already are – online.

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